Free delivery

Free delivery – we are issuing the products at Evelily Dance Shop product dispensing point, address RÄVALA 8 C-401 TALLINN on weekdays from 10am to 5pm. Otherwise on agreed time.


PS! In July the office is open from Monday to Thursday 12am to 3pm. Just in case call in advance +372 5155883


It is possible to pay in cash at the moment.


It is possible to pay through internet bank (Swedbank, Nordea, SEB) or money transfer on the basis of a bill (after receiving a bill).


You will receive a notification through email when your order is ready.


Package storage deadline is 7 weekdays.


PS! When receiving your package please show a valid identification document. When You want your package to be received by some other person then please let us know about it by calling us (+372 5155883).