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15,00 €
Item Code: RV014
Availability: In Stock

 Shoulder bag with handles featuring Little Ballerina design.

15,60 €
Availability: In Stock

 Shoulder bag with handles featuring Ballet design.

27,00 € 30,00 €
Item Code: AY007
Availability: In Stock

Handy waterproof PASTORELLI equipment holder: it holds up to 5 hoops, 1 rope, 1 ball, a pair of clubs, 2 sticks and 2 ribbons. 

24,90 €
Item Code: RV015
Availability: In Stock

FunkyB Deluxe nylon holdall with side, end and lower compartments, Velcro fastening handles and detachable shoulder strap. Funky Dance design.

9,90 €
Item Code: PA03032
Availability: In Stock

Handy and beautiful hoop holders in waterproof material. 1 hoop holder can hold up to 2-3 hoops. Universal size for any kind of hoop!