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Item Code: evelily-spo358
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-  t shirt :100% cotton, 155 gr/m2 - t shirts color  black,white,pink - picture made of Rhinestone christals:8,13cm W /17,78cm H

11,00 €
Item Code: T91
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Open-toe and heel hole tights. 70den 84%Nylon 16%Spandex Colours: Camel, Cacao, Pink, Black Children sizes: S-SS, M-L Adult sizes: universal size

31,00 €
Item Code: L108
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Sleeveless scoop necked stirrup catsuit Material: Lycra (with very good stretch)  Manufacturer: Roch Valley 

10,71 € 11,90 €
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Item Code: CTHIP
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Hipster style shorts Fabric: Cotton/Lycra (stretch, skin-tight) Color: Black

14,90 €
Item Code: Y2555C
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Sleevless Leotard, full front lining, scoop neck and back. Fiber content: 92% Cotton, 8% Lycra

10,32 € 12,90 €
Item Code: 1SLWB90
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Long warm stirrup legwarmers. Material: Acrylic Length: 90cm (one size - fits all) Manufacturer: Roch Valley

8,01 € 8,90 €
Item Code: 1SLWB60
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With heel hole. Soft material and holds legs warm. Materjal: Acrylic Length: 60cm (one size - fits all)

10,90 €
Item Code: TRV2
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Shimmery tights full foot

40,00 €
Item Code: L109
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Long sleeved scoop neck strrup unitard Material: lycra (close-fitting) Manufacturer: Roch Valley

30,00 €
Item Code: tutuitemrezzo
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3 Layer tutuPants: 80% Nylon/ 20%Elastane Skirt: 100% Polyester

5,31 € 5,90 €
Item Code: 1SLWB40
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With heed hole. Soft and will help hold dancers legs warm. Material: Acrylic Length: 40cm (one size - fits all)

14,90 €
Item Code: evelily3
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-  t shirt :100% cotton, 155 gr/m2 - t shirts color  black,blue,pink - picture made of Rhinestone christals:W 8,50cm / H 14,90cm

7,00 €
Item Code: T99
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Run resistant, stretchy and ultra-soft tights

18,00 €
Item Code: P0189
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Flesh tone under-leotard in dim Lycra adherent, compact and wrapped around your body. Fabric: 80% Nylon 20% Elastane Manufacturer: Evelily

8,40 € 12,00 €
Item Code: T90
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Sansha Collants Convertible dance tights Colors: black (noir), camel, ballet pink (rose ballet)

9,03 € 12,90 €
Item Code: 210-NR
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Euroskins comfortable convertible ballet tights Color: white

11,92 € 14,90 €
Item Code: Y0451C
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Below the knee girls leggings with an elastic waist. Fabric: 92% Cotton/ 8% Lycra Manufacturer: Sansha

2,90 €
Item Code: 02-960210-018
Availability: In Stock

White lace socks for children