Ballroom Women/Girls

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55,20 € 69,00 €
Item Code: RV808
Availability: In Stock

Closed toe satin upper with 2.5" heel. Flesh.

36,72 € 45,90 €
Item Code: BELLA
Availability: Stock

Bella Ballroom, Social and Party shoes, with X-Straps, 1.2" Cuban heel, and Suede Sole. 

46,20 € 66,00 €
Item Code: PRISCHIlA
Availability: Pre Order 7-14days

Priscilla Ladies Ballroom Shoe with T-bar straps, quick fasten buckle, black PU with a subtle sparkling glitter panel and heel, 2" flared heel and super-flexi suede sole.

46,20 € 66,00 €
Item Code: RV812
Availability: In Stock

Ladies Satin Latin Sandals with cross-over ankle straps. Featuring a 2" slim flared heel. Super-flexi suede soles and quick fasten buckle.