Half shoes, Modern dance

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Halfshoes very convenient,soft,strong. Material: ultrasuede microfibra 

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Professional RG Half Socks for rhythmic gymnastics by Tuloni. They are very comfortable and soft. The elastic band is fine and in skin colour. The half shoes are produced of elastic textiles. They enclose the leg perfectly and offer the maximum comfort by the implementation of the exercises. The thicker lower internal part reduces the load with the floor.

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Professional half shoes from leather for rhythmic gymnastics from Tuloni. Model- ADEL. 

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ToeSox Bellarina without toes has a great heel tab that provides extra comfort and protection to the Achilles tendon With an arch band for graceful lift and support these are great for all barefoot activities like barre, Pilates, yoga, and dance Sizes. S  35-38,5 EU   M 38-42 EU

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Foot thong foot protector with two suede pads. Nude.