Soft Ballet Shoes

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13,90 €
Item Code: Model NO32
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Airy and Light soft shoes Ultra light mesh arch support Articulated suede front sole Stretch canvas

8,90 € 11,00 €
Item Code: TutuSatin4S
Availability: In Stock

Satin uppers and leather full soled ballet slippers Manufacturer: Sansha

8,90 € 10,90 €
Item Code: TutuCanvas4C
Availability: stock

Fabric uppers and leather full soled children balletshoes Fabric: toile/canvas Manufacturer: Sansha

8,90 € 11,90 €
Item Code: TutuSplitCanvas5C
Availability: In Stock

Children's ballet slippers with canvas upper and leather split-sole Fabric: Canvas/Toile Manufacturer: Sansha